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Solidarity at work.

Discover and learn eco-building on a solidarity working party

HELPS is the upscaling project for Enerterre system of solidarity against bad housing. The support of Erasmus + has allowed participatory building sites on eco-construction to be organized in different parts of Europe. A network of organizations offers the opportunity to learn and discover techniques of eco-builders engaged in the fight against fuel poverty. They animate participatory building sites with and at individuals, in particular in houses implemented with the earth material.

Origins and values

Enerterrre is both an association and a social innovation system. They were borne and supported from their origin by the Cotentin and Bessin marshlands in Normandy in the department of la Manche. Today the association is becoming autonomous and the system is exporting: it is therefore a question of long-term sustainability.

How it works

Are you interested in the process?

We are building a flexible dissemination device for Enerterre in Europe. Contact us to participate in a project or to organize one. With us, plan your participation and prepare the adventure! (Link page how does it work).

Our working party organizers

In 2016 the association Enerterre intervened at 11 families in order to carry out various works (thermal corrective coating, earth plaster, insulation of roofs with straw bales, etc.). Construction sites are now being prepared in different regions of Europe thanks to our network of partners.

Stakeholders & partners



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